Meet Barney

profile photo, Barney Maple photo

Barney is passionate about sustainability, our natural world and how we, as humans, can help preserve our world while flourishing as individuals, communities and as a diverse global society.

I believe that immersing yourself in the beauty and wonder of the natural world through personal experiences, and by surrounding yourself with awe-inspring imagery, allows us to have meaningful conversations that transcend the many divides in our human societies. To come together and empower us all to find ways to enjoy and protect our global natural home.

Having over 20 years experience in the sustainability industry, from sustainable residential housing design and living, to corporate and business sustainablity, all the way through to global sustainbility. I focus on using economic, social and politcal levers to create positve change.

Having started in photography some 30 years ago at a young age by being gifted my wonderful Grandfathers 1959 Nikon F. Shooting with film and a fully mechanical manual camera allowed for my visceral and intimate connection with nature and the photography process. I continue to carry this with me through my photography journey.

Let these images spark conversations wherever you are in this amazing world. Let the conversations between you and your people empower change for the better that is within us all.